AUDIO: Governor Markell reflects on accomplishments and regrets at farewell address
By Amy Cherry

Gov. Jack Markell reflects on his eight years serving as Delaware's Governor.
Accomplishments and regrets, after eight years leading Delaware, Governor Markell has both.

Delaware 1059's Amy Cherry reports.

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As he exits office, Governor Markell touts strides in education and the economy.

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"Overall we created 50,000 jobs, and over the last couple years at least the private sector wage growth has been the best in the country."

He says that's where he invested the most time and energy.

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"The reason I ran, is to make sure from an economic perspective, that more people have an opportunity to be successful."

As for regrets, he's got a few...

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"The condition of our water is embarrassing, we know how to fix this, and I put a lot of effort into getting the money so we could fix it. This is not rocket science, we know what it is that we have to do, so I regret not being able to get that done."

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