AUDIO: Auditor's special investigation report finds IRSD structure "failed to prevent or detect financial improprieties"
By Robert Petree

Updated Friday, November 18, 2016 - 3:12pm

State Auditor Tom Wagner says Miller showed favoritism, nepotism, and intimidation, (Photo by: Delaware 1059's Rob Petree).
Results of a long-awaited audit of the Indian River School District has been released involving the district's former Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller.

Delaware 1059's Rob Petree has more...

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School Board Member Dr. Don Hattier told Delaware 105-9's Dan Gaffney this (Friday) morning, that he strongly disagrees with a statement by Auditor Tom Wagner that the District Administration lacked oversight on the finances:

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Hattier was referring to five past audits of the District by the State Auditors Office.

A series of alleged financial discrepancies are cited in the report that involve numerous accounts of favoritism, nepotism and intimidation.

State Auditor Tom Wagner says Miller showed favoritism to a family member working within the district through salary increases.

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"The chief financial officers sister in law, he approved her salary increases, approved her expenses, the only place that's acceptable is in a family owned business."

Wagner went on to say that this kind of conflict of interest is unacceptable.

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"I think the salaries we question were a little bit prudent, it's an inherent conflict of interest, you just cannot have the appearance that there's any conflict of interest, and that is in a nutshell the issues and the problems that we found."

The auditor's report recommends that the district make changes in policies and procedures to "hold all employees accountable for non-compliance... review employee salaries for accuracy and consistency... and "support the state's PCard program by requiring all employees to use the PCard for purchases instead of personal credit cards and direct reimbursements."

Indian River School District will hold a press conference tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Selbyville to address the state auditors report.

To view the audit report in it's entirety click here .

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