The brain basis for Misophonia
By Delaware 1059 News

Updated Monday, February 6, 2017 - 9:57am

Are you one of those people who really hates certain noises – like the sound of a foot tapping or a pen clicking over and over – or someone chewing with their mouth open? If so you may be suffering from something called “misophonia.”

People who have it experience uncontrollable and intense negative emotions after hearing certain repetitive noises like chewing, lip-smacking, pen-clicking, and foot-tapping.

Researchers in the UK have discovered that people who have it exhibit a spike in activity in a certain part of the brain that provokes a stress response, which raises the heart rate and causes sweating.

So it is not just that you are hyper-sensitive and need to be more tolerant, there is really something going on in your brain that causes you to react that way.

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