AUDIO: UPDATE: County Council candidate Mark Schaeffer arrested for DUI last week speaks out
By Kelli Steele

Mark Schaefer
Sussex County Council Candidate Mark Schaeffer is now speaking out about his arrest for DUI last week....sort of.

Schaeffer initially told Delaware 105-9's Dan Gaffney that he took responsibility for his arrest and apologized for his arrest. But it wasn't clear at the time what he was apologizing for.....exactly. Today (Friday), Schaeffer told Gaffney:

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"I take responsibility for being out in 100-degree weather for six hours and ended up being dehydrated and exhausted and getting behind the wheel and driving. We confirm our innocence."

Gaffney point blank asked Schaeffer if alcohol was involved; if he was drinking at all:

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"My attorney Eric Mooney has asked me not to discuss that; I maintain my innocence and I take full responsibility. I own it; it'll never happen again. I'll never put myself in that position or anyone else."

Lewes Police say they stopped Schaeffer around 11 p.m. on Monday, August 15 and charged with with driving under the influence.

Schaeffer claims he had been out all day in the heat knocking on doors and checking on campaign signs.

Schaeffer is one of four Republicans in a primary race for the 3rd District in Sussex County.

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