What You Should Know and Do if You Encounter an Abandoned Fawn
By Robert Petree

DNREC cautions public of abandoned fawns
Thousands of white-tailed deer will be born in the next few weeks, and DNREC's Division of Fish & Wildlife cautions the public of fawns that will be abandoned.

Most fawns are born during the last week of May through through the first week of June.

Do NOT remove the fawn from the wild, if it appears to be alone the mother is probably close by.

Not only is removing a fawn from it's habitat not in the animals best interest, it is illegal in the state of Delaware to possess or attempt to rehabilitate a live white tailed deer. The offense is punishable of up to a $250 fine.

For more information about fawns or Delaware's white-tailed deer, please call Joe Rogerson at 735-3600.

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