AUDIO: Allen Harim to Build Solar Facility at Harbeson Facility
By Jon Budler

Updated Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 2:42am

Allen Harim plans a solar facility in Harbeson (photo: Delaware1059's Jon Budler)
Allen Harim breaks ground on a multi-million dollar solar project at its Harbeson facility.

Delaware 105.9’s Jon Budler reports.

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Six acres of land next to the Allen Harim facility in Harbeson will be dedicated to solar energy panels which will save the plant about 16 percent in energy costs. Chris Fraga is the CEO of Alternative Energy Development Group and explains the project.

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CEO Steve Evans says the project is in line with the company’s strategic goals of environmental sustainability moving forward in Delaware, and is a win-win for the state. Construction is scheduled to begin this month, with the goal of the project being operational within three months.

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