Chief medical examiner fired
By Amy Cherry

Dr. Richard Callery has been fired from his job as the state's Chief Medical Examiner.

Callery, who was suspended in February, was removed from office July 4th, according to a newly released independent review of the embattled office.

The report finds Callery conducted private work during state time and misused state resources to perform that work. Callery continues to be the subject of a criminal investigation into claims of evidence tampering at the lab.

The report also calls for various reforms to the Medical Examiner's office to change what's been called a culture of "indifference and incivility."

State officials say the office will work to regain the public's trust starting with legislation that abolished the medical examiner's office to create a new division of forensic science, under the control of the state Department of Homeland security.

The search for a new Chief Medical Examiner is underway.

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