Rick Jensen
Weekdays, 1 - 4pm

Winner of the Philadelphia Region Society of Professional Journalists award for Best Talk Show, Delaware Today Magazine Readers’ Poll for Best Talk Show, Winner for Best Commentary/Editorial by the Associated Press and the Philadelphia Region Society of Professional Journalists and a bunch of the same awards from the Delaware Press Association. Rick Jensen helped veterans associations bring a veterans home to Delaware and helped parents and students eliminate Delaware’s "stupid diploma."

Rick is ranked as one the "100 Most Influential talk show hosts in America" and rarely mispronounces his own name.

Rick Jensen's World Famous "Thirsty Thursday" grew organically from male listeners who love craft beer and want to talk about the brews they've experienced. Rick is also committed to making this a better world for all men by helping women enjoy the true delights of excellent brews and now there are as many women on the show as men. Program guests have included brewmasters at Dogfish Head, Iron Hill, Twin Lakes, Flying Fish, Guinness and the former owner of the Ommegang Brewery. Listeners enjoy classic beer jingles and commercials while calling in to talk openly about beers they've enjoyed and rancid brews that have fouled an otherwise pleasant afternoon. Rick keep his foamy friends hoppy with live tastings which recently included the world famous Saison Dupont farmhouse ale. Beer lovers unite! YOU have your OWN radio show! Rick Jensen's World Famous Thirsty Thursday at 3pm on Delaware 105.9!

You know that we always want to hear your beefs and praises for what's going on in Delaware, so write down "478-9335" and stick it on your fridge, by the phone and on your dashboard. Rick endorses your decision to use the cell phone in the car. You decide if you can safely drive while talking. If not, it's YOUR butt in the slammer. We don't need wasteful legislation telling you that you can't drive and talk. If that's a problem, let's ban angry spouses and Moms from the car, too!

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