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Happy 2017!

Resolutions! Get your resolutions here!

People make them every year around this time. Good for them. You canít achieve a goal until you make a goal. Thatís step #1.

Do you have any resolutions you want to achieve this year? Hereís a list of 20. Maybe you have a few that are on this list;

1. Start Meditating
2. Learn Something New Each Day
3. Pick Up a Hobby
4. Play More
5. Eat Fewer Calories
6. Move More
7. Read More Books
8. Be More Grateful
9. Stop Procrastinating
10. Spend More Time In Nature
11. Enjoy the Little Things
12. Be More Conscientious
13. Increase Your IQ
14. Learn a New Skill
15. Bring More Peace Into Your Life
16. Create a Positive Attitude
17. Strengthen Your Personal Relationships
18. Keep a Journal
19. Travel
20. Volunteer

Itís a lot, isnít it? Itís all good, but itís a lot.

Thatís a great deal of pressure if one wishes to succeed across the board. My thought? Donít put this much pressure on yourself. Pick 5 and make it happen.

If you are insane enough to put the pressure of 20 on yourself then all I can say is good luck! And remember; pressure makes diamonds.

You have to believe to achieve! Happy 2017!

Posted at 9:29am on January 3, 2017 by Matt Monks

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