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Tardy To The Party

It took me awhile to get it straight but now Iím convinced; Cam Newton is definitely NOT receiving the same level of officiating as other NFL quarterbacks.
Last night finally drove the point home for me.

Cam is trying to get positive yardage on a run after heís chased from the pocket, a protective area in the backfield for quarterbacks.

When he knows he has to give it up, he slides feet first, just like a QB is supposed to do. Only he gets hit by a defensive back for the Redskins Ė helmet to helmet Ė and nothing is called.

When Cam gets up, unhurt, he flips the ball in the general direction of the DB that just hit him in the head. Finally, a flag is thrown. However it wasnít for the helmet to helmet hit, it was thrown at Cam Newton for unsportsmanlike conduct, a 15 yard penalty.


In this same game, the Redskins QB, Kirk Cousins, tries extending a play on foot. Heís tight roping the sideline and a defensive player for the Carolina Panthers (Camís team) pushes Cousins out of bounds. For that legal act, the Panthers defensive player was flagged resulting in a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.


The inequities in officiating has me convinced now more than ever that itís time, if the NFL is really all about player safety, to stop having part time referees (Bank Presidents, Lawyers, etc.) and begin employing full time referees. Itíll cost them more but hey, whatís a few more bucks between friends when youíre making over $14 billion this year.

Cam, sorry Iím tardy to the party. I finally got your back.

Posted at 3:28pm on December 20, 2016 by Matt Monks

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