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Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate. Without question. Why? Thatís simple.

See, by and large, haters Ö genuine, persnickety, ass-wipe, pudding eating, god forsaken haters Ö are nothing but putrid, cowardly, canít-stand-to-look-in-the-mirror miscreants whoís only ability to feel good about themselves for even a millisecond of their miserable lives comes from finding fault in others or just simply hating on anyone and/or everyone they possibly can; certainly those who have something they do not. You know, like looks, talent, athletic ability or a cleanly wiped butt.

The haters feel they are superior to you. They feel they are the chosen ones, not you. They feel they should have what you have, deserve to have what you have. They were passed over. They were cheated. And itís not fair.

They have the talent, the wit, the charm, the almighty god given right to have what you worked to achieve. Itís theirs, not yours. They feel ordained, entitled, anointed. And who gave them this empowerment? Well, they did, of course.

The only reason itís a shame is because of the good people on the receiving end of the dipstick haterís vitriol. The good people who actually entertain, even for an instant, that they have done something, anything, to earn the haterís disdain. Trust me, they have not.

Unfortunately, we read about these good people in the news on a far too regular basis. Just last week there was an 18 year old girl who killed herself in front of her family because of just such a hater. Her only crime? Believing the bulls*** said about her by the asinine douche bag coward who hid behind a keyboard and tormented this young innocent.

As god is my witness, I hate cowardly, lowlife pieces of human dung who donít have the cajones the good lord gave a gnat. The only time they ever discover a scintilla of bravery somewhere within their own pathetic existence is behind the anonymity of social media, a text or any other platform which allows them to not be held accountable for their spinelessness in person.

Enough of your cowardice. Man up you motherless pieces of crap. If you have something to say, grow a pair and face up, mano y mano. And if you canít, then take a good long look in the mirror - a mighty BIG mirror Ė and ask yourself a few questions;

1. Am I as I want to be?
2. Do I do unto others as I would have others do unto me?
3. Is that really my penis? Bummer, Iíve never really seen it before.

Remember good people, that you truly are good, and that haters are just gonna hate, period. Do not let the rotten pieces of human garbage affect your existence one iota. Rise above with the power of positivity that resides within you. You are good. Continue to recognize.

ďNo coward can be the friend of the truth. Cowards have always been the friends of lies.Ē Mehmet Murat İldan

Posted at 7:25pm on December 4, 2016 by Matt Monks

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