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Merry Christmas to All

I really dig this time of the year Ö the holiday season. Thanksgiving all the way through New Yearís Day! Iím sincerely like a kid at Christmas Ė itís so much fun. And while there are a number of reasons I feel this way, there is one big reason that trumps all.

No, the primary reason is not because of the gift giving and receiving, though to be fair, Iíll be the first to admit that doesnít suck Ö not even a little bit. Itís not because of all of the colorful decorations, the Christmas trees, the lights, Santa Claus, Rudolph and his pals. Nope, for me the one big reason thatís the star on the top of the tree is because people are so cool to one another this time of year.

I canít tell you exactly why for this 5-6 week period of time people are more kind than at any other time of the year. What am I, a psychologist? A sociologist? A poll taker? No Ö though I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. (love those commercials)

When you view it pragmatically, this period of time represents, give or take, about 10% of the year. Thatís it. 10%. That leaves the other 90% of the year for folks to be their regular selves, whatever that may be. But for this 10%, you see remarkable acts of kindness and selflessness. And it doesnít matter their station in life; rich or poor, they do for others.

I know people who donít have a pot to piss in who are adopting someone less fortunate than them this year and giving till it hurts; and come January, itís going to hurt badly! They donít care. They know they are helping someone enjoy what would otherwise be a very depressing 10% of their annual life and for them, that extra debt is of no concern if it helps their fellow man enjoy a better life, if only for a moment. Call it crazy, call it foolish, call it whatever you wish, but that my friend is selflessness, and selflessness is what we could all certainly use and benefit a lot more from in our lives.

With that in mind, I wish you and yours a very safe and blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas to All!

Posted at 8:51am on December 1, 2016 by Matt Monks

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