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Git You Some

Great summation today from Big Cat of Barstool Sports.

He rails on the Twitter verse … and you know what? He’s not wrong.

I have to say something about twitter today. Holy crap is Twitter the dumbest website on earth when it comes to real world things. Making jokes, watching games or award shows; awesome. Using your brain in a rational manner for everyday life? The absolute worst.

Last night was absolutely astounding watching as thousands and thousands tweeted into their tiny little echo chamber of like minded people wondering how this could possibly happen.

It happened because Donald Trump was the populist candidate running against a political insider that no one trusted. It happened because the Democratic Party got cocky and thought that Hillary would win simply because it was “her turn”. But not according to Twitter, because according to Twitter the whole world is represented on that website.

Watching as people came to the slow realization that their little Twitter clique isn’t in fact the whole world or that tweeting their specific thoughts to a bunch of people who think EXACTLY the same as they do will change absolutely nothing was incredible.

And then you wake up today and they’re all right back at it, tweeting their informed opinions about how it all went wrong without actually looking at the millions and millions of people not on twitter that actually decided this election.

But hey, let’s all black out our avatars and hope that it will change everything, if this gets enough re-tweets then it will prove my opinion is the correct one right?

Twitter is kind of like sticking your head up your own ass.

Hey, look up, there’s a big, beautiful diverse world out there.

Go git you some!

Posted at 11:25am on November 9, 2016 by Matt Monks

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