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Who Ya Got?

So, Who Ya Got?

Itís a question that Iím very used to asking and answering; Who Ya Got?

People ask me all the time because they know of my sports background. Theyíll ask because maybe they want to debate me? Seems kind of ridiculous to me. Why ask me if you only want to argue about it?

Maybe itís because they want to glean a little insight, maybe an extra gem or two they didnít otherwise know. That can be in order to make an informed betting decision or so they can use the information to make themselves sound better-rounded and informed about a particular team. Nothing wrong with that.

So here we are, 2 weeks and a day away from the Presidential election and I ask you; Who Ya Got?

Is it one of the most crooked politicians to ever walk planet earth in Hilary Clinton? Someone more two-faced than Ö well Ö Two Face? Helen Keller can see just how bad of a choice this one is, but the thought of electing the 1st woman president of the United States has some people giddy with anticipation, even overlooking her criminality, regardless of how painfully obvious it is to everyone.

Or is it a businessman who has never held a political office in his life in one Donald Trump? If you own an AC Company and had to hire a CEO to run your day to day operations, you wouldnít pick someone who has never had a single day of experience in the AC world, it just wouldnít make sense, common or otherwise.

Yet, here we are, 2 weeks and a day away from choosing between the worst kind of crooked politician and someone who has as much of a clue as you or me when it comes to running the country.

Maybe weíre looking at it all wrong and asking ourselves the wrong question. Instead of who is most deserving of our vote to run this country in the best interest of all of us, we maybe should be asking; Who is the least likely to screw it up? The career crooked politician or the neophyte?

So I ask you; Who Ya Got?

Posted at 2:48pm on October 24, 2016 by Matt Monks

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