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Play Ball!

Baseball Post-Season Is Kind of Cool. There, I said it. This year offers some drama for us all nationally.

First and foremost, you have to enjoy the game of baseball. I’m not saying you have to be kicking it in the neighborhood park 7 days a week with guys like Skipper, Smalls and Squints. But you do have to enjoy it enough that maybe you watched 1 or 2 games of the 4,859 regular season games that were played this 2016 regular MLB season (1 less because Braves & Marlins only played 161 games due to Jose Fernandez died).

The Chicago Cubs, they’re the darlings. On the one hand, 108 years of nothingness, kind of like Tim Tebow’s sex partners. Cubs fans have lived their entire lives without knowing what a championship team feels like --- unless they’re really, really old.

On the other, The Cleveland Indians, the town most notable for Ariel Castro, Jeffrey Dahmer, Major League and LeBron. Nuff said. Sure, the Cavaliers beat them to the punch, but Cleveland is ACHING for this World Series! And come on man, Cleveland can use the lift … they’re Cleveland after all.

Of course, Toronto & LA have something to say about it. Though if it can get to a C&C World Series, bring on the fun because someone is bringing a whole lot of joy to their respective city, and it’ll be a lot of fantastic to enjoy!


Posted at 8:39am on October 18, 2016 by Matt Monks

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