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Hey NFL, Take A Knee

What a great college football weekend. It’s starting to make the NFL pale by comparison in my humble and honest opinion.

You know, I used to look at my friends who would drone on and on about the college football product being superior to the NFL product with pitiless yet sorrowful eyes, wishing I could erase the pain that their confident stupidity betrayed upon them by not realizing and basking in the almighty power and blessings bestowed upon them by the National Football League.

I’d rare up and laugh as though my toes might actually find the path from which to pass through my entire body and exit the top of my head. I’d then ask them to take their rightful place next to Mary Queen of Scots; a little off the top my good barber, a little off the top. Put them out of their blissful misery swiftly.

I didn’t understand. The NFL is made up of nothing but elite college players. So, in essence, you’re seeing the very best of the best from all of college each and every week of the regular season, the playoffs, right up through that hallowed and all encompassing game; The Super Bowl (bows head). But this year, for the very first time, I think I understand.

These “kids” playing college football really do play for a handful of reasons. Certainly, in some young men’s eyes, they’re playing with the pro game in mind. But the overwhelming majority of players play for the love of the game. And that love and excitement – that overwhelming sense of team, honor, school & self – bleeds right through the TV for all to see.

Consider this if you will. Each college carries about 105 players. There are 128 D1 (top tier FBS) teams. That means there are at least 13,440 players playing D1 football for their respective schools. That doesn’t even begin to count Division 1 FCS schools, D2 schools, Juco and so on. Plus every year there are only 236 draft spots in the NFL. That means your chances of being in the NFL are akin to Britney Spears landing on your doorstep with a bottle of wine and bad intentions.

That means the overwhelming majority of these guys – the 99%+ who won’t be drafted into the NFL - truly are playing for;

1. Love of the Game
2. Fun
3. Team
4. Self
5. All of the Above

And you know what? I see that every single weekend, on every single team, in every single game. And you know what? It’s pretty awesome to see.

Hey NFL. Go on, take a knee. College Football’s got this.

Posted at 12:35pm on October 9, 2016 by Matt Monks

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