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I Can't Keep My Eyes Open ....

The Vice Presidential debates are coming. Come on, really? Iím trying to think of things that I would rather do than watch the Vice presidential debates. Letís make a list, shall we?

1. Eat stewed tomatoes as a vegetable
2. Pick then eat my scalp skin
3. Sit in a meeting with SuMo & Dan
4. Fly the original Atlantic crossing with Lindbergh & a full bladder
5. Walk across hot coals holding a sieve of gasoline
6. Listen to Fleetwood Mac
7. Climb Mt. Everest naked
8. Run an ultra-marathon
9. Watch a marathon of Murder She Wrote
10. Have sex with my ex-wife

Suffice to say Iíll be doing anything Ė absolutely ANYTHING Ė besides watching these two blades of grass debating.

Milk toast anyone?

Posted at 11:32am on October 3, 2016 by Matt Monks

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