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Debate 1 In The Books

TGIO Ė Thank God Itís Over!

The first Presidential debate is over. What did you learn? Anything? Nothing? I learned that Presidential debates are akin to watching the inside of my eyelids without the benefits.

Mrs. Clinton was a politician in her element. She was lacking. Mr. Trump was a businessman out of his element. He performed as expected. I quote the late great Dennis Green when I say ďThey were who we thought they were.Ē No surprises. And isnít that the pity?

I donít know what I expected. More fireworks? Hilary passing out? The Donald pulling his tax returns out of his suit pocket? A coughing fit? Someone bum rushing the stage? A mad make out session between the two of them? Anything? Something?

In the end, I feel like there went 90 minutes of my life that I can never get back. Well, 75 minutes anyway. I couldnít take anymore. Now, all I want to see is the numbers.

Honestly, if the debate last night actually achieved one hundred million viewers, Iíll be one of the most surprised people on planet earth. But, if it does, itíll hammer home one thing Iíve always believed. People will watch anything.

Posted at 8:39am on September 27, 2016 by Matt Monks

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