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The Debate

Itís the day of the 1st Presidential debate of 2016. The anticipation is pretty high. Why?

If youíre one of those who is fully immersed in politics, then this one word question is about the dumbest question youíve ever heard in your life. I get that. I understand your angst completely. For you, this is as big as it gets! Itís the Super Bowl, World Cup and Nathanís Hot Dog eating contest all rolled into one.

If youíre not into politics at all, then this question resonates with you indeed. You couldnít possibly agree more. In your mind, this is a complete and utter waste of time. Not only can you not name the last 4 presidents, you didnít even know this was a Presidential election year and for you, the only saving grace is that there is alternate programming.

This debate, after all, is really supposed to be for the undecideds, in my humble opinion. Itís for those people who have yet to make a choice for either/any candidate. These are the folks who are the focal point. These are the folks that each candidate wants to reach out and touch in a very big way.

Whether youíre an undecided or have already made up your mind, is there anything you will hear tonight that will get you to make a choice if youíre an undecided, or, if youíre committed, that will get you to change your mind? Will anything that either candidate says tonight get you to alter your vote?

Maybe the approach to watching the 1st debate is a lot simpler than I realize. Maybe, just maybe, people are going to view this debate much as they would watch a NASCAR race event. Maybe everyone is watching and waiting for the multi car pileup coming out of turn three. In that case, you could see a whole lot of action tonight. And by action I mean wrecks. Lots and lots of wrecks.

MNF Anyone?

Posted at 3:15pm on September 26, 2016 by Matt Monks

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