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I Suck!

Do you play fantasy football? I do Ö or should I say I did. Iím not sure you can call what I do playing fantasy football.

Iíve done this for years and, up until now, Iíve had pretty good luck. I say luck because thatís what it is; LUCK, and I donít mean the Colts QB.

Steve, my buddy here at the office, asked me just this morning how my teams are performing this season. I gave him the short answer; I SUCK! Iím awful. Iím oh fer. Iím terrible. If you look in the dictionary under SUCK youíll see my picture. Iím a mess. Iím in multiple leagues and Iíve more losses combined than Obama has Iranian dollars to give. Yep, Iím that bad.

Then, after quiet reflection Ö and quite a bit of stewing like chili in a crock pot Ö I realized something rather profound. It was deep. OK, as deep as a puddle, but it did feel like a revelation. I have no control over this. Itís a frigginí game of chance/guess/happenstance/insertyourwordhere. Then, a calm came over me. A realization that I can only do what I can do and the rest is out of my hands. In an instant, all was right with the world. My anger at being God awful just went away, replaced by my happy smiling self, that Iíd not witnessed since this NFL season began.

See? Iím smiling now. Itís ok. Whether Iím great or suck at fantasy football, it doesnít matter, because once the lineup is set, itís completely up to someone other than me. An owner, a coach, the players, someone other than me and as of today, Iím very OK with that.

Do me a favor though. Please donít tell my wife just how much money Iím losing, cool?


Posted at 8:42am on September 20, 2016 by Matt Monks

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