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Spam Anyone?

Have you ever met someone in life whoís pissed off just to be pissed off? I donít think I ever have; until last Saturday in a grocery store of all places. And in that moment of Zen, I also learned a great lesson from an unlikely source.

Seems there was a huge sale on some type of canned meat product. I donít know the specifics, just the eternal ranting and raving that reared its ugly head in aisle 3. There was a not too elderly gentleman who, by all appearances, was about as average as Andy Hardy. Youngsters, search google. Ah, that is until he didnít get his way.

He demanded assistance to find a particular food product that was on sale yet sold out. At least there was none left on the shelf, much to his consternation. A young man working dutifully stocking shelves offered his assistance, which the man begrudgingly accepted. No, wait, thatís being too kind. The young man offered his assistance only to be berated like Niedermeyer to Flounder in Animal House. In fact, it would have been gut wrenching were it not for the young manís unfailingly positive demeanor.

After this dressing down, the young man wistfully departed to thoroughly inspect the back store room while Niedermeyer muttered constantly to himself and anyone within earshot. This was better entertainment than anything Iíd seen all weekend and the only thing I needed on this particular outing was beer and accompanying snacks. But I was glued to this event like a 50 year marriage, so I was in it till the end.

The young man returned and cheerfully informed Niedermeyer that, indeed, the product was sold out, leading to another round of insults that, quite frankly, my dog could have done a better job with. After Niedermeyer finished Ė either through exhaustion or lack of wit - he muttered along his merry way. As the young man returned to his duties, he gave me a slight wink, allowing that I had enjoyed the show. My returned smile left him no doubt how satisfied I was with his performance, and only wished I could have nominated him for an Emmy.

The lesson learned? Some people are going to be jerks. You can either join them or you can continue to be the same positive you. Young Andy Hardy simply reinforced what Iíve known all along to be true. Thanks Andy.

I never did find out what Niedermeyer was looking for. God forbid it was spam.

Posted at 10:10am on September 19, 2016 by Matt Monks

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