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Badminton Anyone?

Today, for the first time in years, Im actually thinking about giving up on the NFL. While this may seem like a DUH moment for many, its a big deal for me.

Ive followed the NFL since I can remember. Growing up in St. Louis, it was all about the Cardinals (MLB & NFL), The Blues, collegiate soccer (SIU & SLU) plus the EPL, the Bundesliga and the PGA. Yep, I loved it all.

I loved playing sports too. I was very lucky that my parents, while not ultra-supportive of my constant participation, allowed me to play anyway. Year round, I was always doing something. Baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, hockey, golf; it was nonstop. Begrudgingly, theyd get me from point A to point B so I could keep playing. Sports was a huge part of my life, as a participant and as a fan.

So why if Im such a huge fan am I ready to give up on the NFL? Because of the drama that doesnt have anything to do with sports.

Sports was always escapism for me. No matter what was happening in my life, no matter how many real life issues reared their ugly head, I could always forget about them in the couple to few hours of playing/watching. Now, that escapism is not there. Real life has entered into the room and, like an uninvited guest, it just wont leave.

If I wanted to watch real life, Id turn on the news. Now, the news is entering into my realm and I am not happy about it. Maybe sometime in the near future, the NFL can go back to being what it really is; a game played by grown men who get paid well for entertaining the masses. Until then, it leaves me wanting.

Badminton anyone?

Posted at 8:53am on September 13, 2016 by Matt Monks

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