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Revealed: Earl Bradley now incarcerated in Cheshire Connecticut

In June the State of Delaware revealed that the former pediatrician who raped and sexually abused scores of his young patients was being moved from the Vaughn Correctional Center here in Delaware to an out of state prison.

At the time, the State gave what I thought were vague reasons for the move; something about a correctional employee or inmate may have been a Bradley victim.

Delaware also refused to say where Earl Bradley was being moved to; only saying the move was in cooperation with another facility in some sort of interstate correctional center compact that allows for prisons to swap inmates around.

A source (shadow producer) has revealed and Connecticut has confirmed Earl Bradley is now being held at the Cheshire Correctional Facility in Cheshire, Connecticut. This is a Level 4 facility, (the highest in Connecticut apart from death row at Level 5). Earl Bradley is inmate number 415266 according to a prison inmate lookup site.

From the Center’s website, “The Cheshire Correctional Institution confines long-term, adult sentenced offenders. It also operates several specialized housing units, including protective custody and restrictive housing.
The facility emphasizes rewards for deserving inmates via opportunities for bettering themselves by: learning a trade through prison industries, educational programming, addiction service programming and religious programming.
The vocational education program conducts dozens of projects assisting non-profit and community organizations, which include refurbishment and donation of bicycles to local elementary schools.”

It looks like an old school prison, and indeed it was opened in 1913, “The cells of the north block galleys were reportedly purchased from Sing Sing prison in New York and brought to Connecticut by barge.”

The information Delaware refused to reveal, Connecticut freely shares.

Posted at 4:50am on August 9, 2016 by Dan Gaffney

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