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Medical Marijuana Problems in Downstate Delaware

Now that medical marijuana has been legal and available in Delaware for some time, the program is almost useless for some folks living in Downstate Delaware.

Listener “Gary of Millsboro” lives in Sussex County, and can find no local doctors to fill out the required application. Even if he was able to get approval, he faces a nearly three hour round trip drive to even purchase the weed at the dispensary.

Below is a link to my 15 minute talk with Gary. It’s interesting to hear the reasons why he and others need medical marijuana, and how difficult it is to obtain. The segment also includes a radio first for me; the caller claimed he went to the bathroom while live on the air. I’m sure that fact will make it to the broadcasting hall of fame real soon.


Posted at 4:48am on March 10, 2016 by Dan Gaffney

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