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Will Work For Food. Begging in Sussex County

“Will work for food”, the sign says. This and other variations of cardboard signs have long been a staple in the city among the homeless, mentally disabled, street people and beggars. In recent years we have seen an increase of this type of begging in Sussex County.

So, the questions that keep popping up are, “do you give to these people?” and “how do you know if the person is legit?”

A bearded man with a sign is a staple on Rt. 24, near the Long Neck Giant grocery store, and he has become a hot topic lately.

Listener Geno writes:

“Dan we really need to talk again about the so called homeless beggars. You did a segment on them a week or so ago... I was in a store behind the guy that begs at Giant on 24.. He is there every day. My wife has given him money. I told her not to cause we have seen him for a year work that spot.. He lives on Long Neck Rd. We see him walking everyday.. He was in the store and pulled out a knot. He had so much money that he had a rubber band.. I would love to blow the top off of this thing..It’s crazy that someone can make a living off of just begging….”

Talking about this on the radio, we learned a shocking reason why some do NOT give food to this particular man. “Kevin” cleans the Giant parking lot professionally for the landlord and he claims food donated to this man gets stashed under the landscaping bushes only to become garbage to be discarded. Kevin claims “he doesn’t want food…he wants the cash” So, the food given just gets dumped.

Hear his call by clicking on the following audio link:

So, what do you think about giving to those who ask in this way?

Posted at 4:20am on March 3, 2016 by Dan Gaffney

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