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Delaware gubernatorial candidate Lacey Lafferty threatens lawsuit against independent media outlet. Wants money…she didn’t like the opinions.

UPDATED 2:50pm 10/29/15 Lacey Lafferty responds. This is a cut and paste of her exact Facebook post:

"Lacey Lafferty's statement regarding Dan Gaffney's comments on 10/29/15 WXDE 105.9 radio program and blog site.
Our nation's lawmakers and subsequent laws have always been guided by one document which has withstood the tests of time, the Constitution. I have the utmost respect for this institution.
Freedom of Speech is an invaluable right, however there is quite a difference self expression and slander.
Intentional malicious defamation of character is not free speech especially when it is based on unfounded lies.
Differences of opinion are as American as Apple Pie, differences on political viewpoints are considered healthy discord. Spreading lies is unlawful.
I am not at liberty to discuss any further details of the litigation I am currently engaged in. I have faith in our legal system and the Truth will prevail.
Speaking as a candidate and not a elected official I would hope that any ethical media outlet source would do their due diligence before reporting on anyone with the facts instead of conjecture. If they did, I would not have had to pursue this matter.
God Bless,
Lacey Lafferty
Republican Gubernaterial Candidate for Governor 2016"


In 30 years of watching Delaware politics I have never seen such an assault on freedom of speech and freedom of the press by a candidate. The folks at the Delaware Right blog, specifically Frank Knotts have been served a letter that I can only describe as being like an extortion attempt.

The letter from attorney Anthony Delcollo on Cooch and Taylor letterhead purports to be speaking for Governor candidate Lacy Lafferty, Independent Party head (and former candidate) Don Ayotte and the former chair of the Sussex Republicans, Vincent Calabro.

It seems these three are not fond of some of the opinions expressed about them on the blog site and unless Frank Knotts and Delaware Right pay $60,000 plus cost of the attorney, Lacey and company will pursue formal litigation against them!

Public figures…candidates…head of parties..threatening to SUE over political speech. This is an outrageous assault on the First Amendment. The letter attempts to scare the bloggers into submission because of political opinion being expressed and discussed. The threatening letter also demands “that you cease and desist any and all references to Ms. Lafferty, Mr. Ayotte, or Mr. Calabro, by name, by implication, or other proxy”

CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? Lacey Lafferty files and announces she is running for Governor of Delaware, and then threatens to sue a media outlet to stop mentioning her name! (And pay her $60,000 because she didn’t like what you said about her as a candidate!!!!!)

It's so bizarre sounding...I wonder if it's even REAL? You know, like maybe it's some kind of double secret political prank. If it IS real, lacey Lafferty's joke of a campaign is even more toast than it has been.

You’ve GOT to read this letter …it’s at

Here is a complete link…and be careful what you say…YOU MIGHT BE TARGETED NEXT by these loons.

PS. Attempts to contact Ms. Lafferty by messaging and by e-mail have been unanswered since last week.

Posted at 4:17am on October 29, 2015 by Dan Gaffney

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