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Dewey Mayor Diane Hanson's 73 year old husband charged with menacing, offensive touching and disorderly conduct by Dewey Police.

UPDATE (9/22/15): Mayor Hanson says the reports about her husband are not accurate. "Exaggerated..." and "politically motivated." She says. Complete story:


According to court records obtained by the Delaware 105.9 news department, William J. Hanson, the 73 year old husband of Dewey Mayor Diane Hanson has been charged with offensive touching, disorderly conduct and menacing by the Dewey Beach Police.

The victim was talking to the mayor at the time of the incident according to police, and Mr. Hanson had to be restrained by a family member after taking a "boxing stance".

The Dewey Beach Police would not provide this information to Delaware 105.9 when asked, saying:

"I spoke to Kelli today about an incident involving an assault which occurred in the Town of Dewey Beach. She asked that I contact you in reference to this. It is not the practice of the Dewey Beach Police Department to release misdemeanor cases unless there is information that is imperative for the public to be aware of. The warrant can be obtained at the Justice of the Peace Court and the information should also be included in the Media Package that is released daily."

So, we did and here it is....

Posted at 10:19am on September 17, 2015 by Dan Gaffney

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