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In praise of Asian Pear

This light brown skinned fruit with small dark brown freckles locally costs about $2.50 EACH….IF you can even find it. It’s called an Asian Pear, and it is absolutely delicious.

This treat, about the size of a large apple has an amazingly crisp and watery consistency tasting sweet like sugar. If you are turned off by the high fiber consistency of a typical American or European variety pear, don’t worry, the Asian Pear is entirely different, in a good way.

I find this to be an awesome treat on a hot summer day. The variety is known as Pyrus pyrifolia , species native to China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. It is also known as Chinese Pear, or Korean Pear, or even “sand pear” but I find in our region the typical name at the grocery store is “Asian Pear”. You may find it wrapped in small protective netting since it is prone to bruising, I assume because of its high water content.

Enjoy! Listeners have spotted it occasionally at a Wal Mart, also regularly at Gigante in Milford , Delaware, and...where else?

Posted at 11:10am on August 19, 2015 by Dan Gaffney

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