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Trapper Keeper tweets that local school can't handle the cool, after banning the iconic back to school folders.

When back to school shopping you may notice the return of the iconic “Trapper Keeper” brand of folder and notebooks which are the coolest thing since the Peanuts lunchbox.

So why do a few local public schools ban this product? I can’t figure it out, except to say two local teachers tweeted me about possible reasons. 1. Too big to fit in desks. (How tiny are the desks?) And 2. They fall on the floor and teachers trip on them. (Watch where you are going!)

Regardless of which answer is correct the decision to ban the Trapper Keeper has parent company Mead calling those schools “uncool” as seen in this Tweet exchange:

Learn more about Trapper Keeper here:

Posted at 5:07am on August 13, 2015 by Dan Gaffney

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